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For new users. When you're starting with Wordcorr, there are a couple of things you obviously have to do before you start working on real data:
  • download and set up the computer program
  • get together the identifying information (metadata for short) for
    • yourself
    • your data collection
    • the speech varieties in your data collection
    • views (analytical points of view) about your data collection

Setting up involves getting the latest version of Wordcorr off the Internet, along with a couple of behind-the-scenes things that make it work. It's all on the Internet, accessible from this Web site. Or you may have access to a CD-ROM or DVD that contains it. Then you install it on your computer -- laptop or desktop, it doesn't matter.

Metadata. Identifying and cataloguing information (known as metadata, data about data) means that before you jump into using Wordcorr, you'll profit if you invest a little time to get the hang of the terminology you'll be using to identify the different kinds of information Wordcorr deals with - information about

What Wordcorr does. You'll also want to get familiar with the different kinds of things that Wordcorr does for you in a data collection:

Please don't feel that you have to pass a test on Wordcorr and comparative linguistics before you dare do anything. Wordcorr is designed so that you can start doing meaningful work the minute you have at least one entry's worth of data entered or imported. And if you mess up something, there's usually a way to back out of it gracefully. You learn the details as you go.

If you want more details right away, click here for How to use.

Wordcorr Help is not very different from all the other help files you've used. You activate it from the Help menu on the main Wordcorr screen.

Its sections are written like chapters in a book, except for the glossary at the end, so you can read through on a topic sequentially if you like.

There are hyperlinks that take you from one part of Help directly to other relevant parts. You can even search on a particular term and have it come up highlighted on all the topic pages that contain it.

There's also a lot of information on this Web site about how things work. Just poke around.

The tutorial page will take you to a broader perspective of how and why Wordcorr operates.

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