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You're a student of linguistics, and the professor says you're going to be using Wordcorr in class this semester.

You've heard of the Comparative Method, perhaps read something on it. This is your chance to see it in action.

You've also noticed that other students who have used Wordcorr don't seem intimidated by it -- less so than those who studied language comparison before Wordcorr was available. You may not be exactly a tecchie, but on looking over the shoulder of people using Wordcorr, it seems fairly straightforward.

Take our word for it, comparative linguistics with pencil and paper was tricky when you mislaid stuff, and often boring when you didn't. Wordcorr doesn't have the thrill (and definitely not the gore) of some video games. But start using it to follow out a train of thought, and you'll find it plenty absorbing. And it's doable. And free.

Starting into Wordcorr. Once you get set up,

  • download a test collection like Mind5 from the SourceForge Web site to the file folder for your class, 
  • start Wordcorr,
  • look at Wordcorr Help whenever you feel the urge,
  • import the test collection into Wordcorr using Import XML,
  • copy the Contemporary view to a view with your name on it,
  • look at the first few entries that have been annotated for you,
  • check out the Refine panel to see how those entries ended up,
  • find an entry that isn't annotated and try doing it yourself,
  • tabulate what you annotated,
  • check out Refine again and see where everything ended up.

After you've finished looking at this and following out some links, click here to go to New user.

Someone in your class will probably have figured out already how to set up Wordcorr, so let them walk you through the downloading and installation.

When the prof hits you with an assignment to be done with Wordcorr, you'll probably breeze through it.

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