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You teach linguistics, and you want your students to use Wordcorr for classroom exercises and their term paper.
Your materials in Wordcorr. You probably have your favorite class exercises already prepared on paper or on a spreadsheet. This Web site explains how you can transfer them to Wordcorr data sets and how you and the students can communicate by exchanging files. It helps you download the Wordcorr program and get it set up on your computer and your students' computers. It teaches you how to use Wordcorr on your own data, and how the students can put together their own analyses of your data.

Passing exercises around. This Web site also explains linguistic data archiving and shows you how to set up for it so that other teachers can make use of your exercises if you are interested in a wider audience. It will eventually help you get in touch with other teachers who use Wordcorr and who may share your interests. At that time it will plug you into the Wordcorr Community.

Four Tasks. There are four main tasks that Wordcorr performs for you and your students. Click to read more about each one:
  • Enter and edit data.
  • Annotate the data to show your linguistic judgments.
  • Tabulate the annotated data to get correspondence sets.
  • Refine the results.
Cataloguing Information. Before you can get going with Wordcorr, you need to provide some cataloguing information so that your data can eventually be archived permanently. Click to see each kind.

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One of the problems in teaching the comparative method in linguistics is that the paper work it formerly required was excruciatingly slow -- even for experts, and much more for students.

Pocket calculators freed math and accounting students to think about the nature of what they were calculating. Before that they got thrown off base wondering whether they were performing all the calculations accurately.

In a similar way, Wordcorr lets students concentrate on finding patterns in the correspondence sets, rather than wondering where they mislaid various slips of paper.

Most teachers have problem sets already worked out. It isn't hard to transfer them to Wordcorr. And Wordcorr gives you a common sense way to use the full IPA notation, including diacritics.

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