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The Wordcorr Idea. Wordcorr is a tool for comparing speech varieties. It can handle a large number of matching word lists -- how many depends on your operating system, screen size, and font choices. It makes the full International Phonetic Alphabet available to you, as well as other notations.

Once the raw data are organized, Wordcorr
  • keeps track of your judgments about what forms might match each other genetically, and the way they match
  • tabulates your judgments into correspondence sets (that's where the corr in the name comes from -- correspondence set)
  • organizes the sets as the building blocks for a detailed analysis of the development of all the speech varieties under study.

Scholars, students, and interested nonspecialists can download Wordcorr through this Web site and use it. It also can be used by specialists to form a research team, share data, and compare analytical perspectives.

More background ...

Wordcorr owes a lot to John Wimbish, who invented WordSurv while doing language surveys in insular Southeast Asia.

He worked out the vertical presentation and tagging of comparable forms and the use of Indel (insertion - deletion) symbols.

Wordcorr builds on John's insight, while doing considerably more with the data than WordSurv.

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