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Collection metadata are the information linguists and librarians need to archive your data. Think of it as the card catalogue information of the 21st century. All linguists, especially those working with endangered languages, should archive their data for

  • permanence
  • accessibility.

Your collection metadata are the kinds of public information that would ordinarily appear in the introduction and bibliography of a book, monograph, or major article on the languages covered by the collection. Your personal identifier is automatically filled in from your Wordcorr user metadata.

OLAC, the Open Language Archives Community. The terminology for metadata comes from both the linguistically specific OLAC metadata standard and the broader Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, which provides the framework libraries now use for handling and searching for all types of data including bibliographies via the Internet.

The collection metadata use the set of precise categories defined by OLAC. There is also a Remarks field for information that is useful but doesn't fit the metadata framework. Variety metadata are stored in the Varieties panel of Wordcorr, but their name and ISO/DIS 639-3 code elements are transmitted to OLAC as one kind of <subject> element.

Example. Here is an example of Wordcorr's information categories, with the metadata for the SulSel12 test data collection as an example. The creator's initials and email are supplied automatically from the user's metadata. You fill in the rest on the Collection panel of Wordcorr, as shown below.

When you're ready, you can go directly to speech varieties:

Creator's identifier: JG
Creator's email: joe_grimes@sil.org
Creator's role: transcriber
Other contributor(s), if any:  
Collection title: South Sulawesi
Short title: SulSel12
Primary glossing language: English Its code: eng
Secondary glossing language, if any: Bahasa Indonesia Its code: inz
Keywords for searching: Austronesian languages, Sulawesi, historical linguistics
Description: Twelve languages of the southern peninsula of Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, collected by Charles and Barbara Grimes and Francis Dawson in the mid 1980s.
Remarks, optional: Transcription conventions require replacing ASCII 'B%rNwith IPA (not reproducible here), then replace 'Ry' with 'rj'.
Published source(s), if any: Grimes, Charles E. and Barbara D. Grimes. 1987. Languages of South Sulawesi. Pacific Linguistics Series D, volume 78, i-viii, 1-208.
Unpublished source(s), if any:  
Geographic area covered: Southern peninsula of Sulawesi, north to the Toradja and PUS areas
Stable copy located at: Research School for Pacific Studies, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Rights management: Open Content, Common Content, or GNU documentation (choose one)
Year copyright asserted: 1987 (blank if not asserted; asserted does not mean registered)

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