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Most of your work is done on the Refine panel. Every so often, however, you will probably want to lay out the whole panel on paper so you can compare one part with another, scribble notes, draw lines, use a highlighter, see the entire citation list for a correspondence set, or whatever.

The Output Results button lays out the whole Refine panel in printable form. When you click on the button, it asks you for the name of the file you want it to appear in, and the folder it should go in. Use the short name of the collection followed by a hyphen and "Results," and give it the file type .html, like "Mind5-Results.html."

Then double click on the file. It will come up in your browser, and from there you can print it out.

Click here for information on the other display, the Display of Evidence.

Nathan Davis helped us get this working. It will be better implemented in Release 2.1 than it is in 2.0.

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