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With a few clicks you can download Wordcorr from the Internet, ready to install and run. (We recommend installing over a broadband connection.) For more specific instructions on how to download and install Wordcorr, click here.

There are also some data sets already made up for testing and training. You can download them from the same place you download Wordcorr itself. They have data already entered in them. Each one has a view in which some of the entries have already been annotated, tabulated, and refined, as an example of what you will be doing with your own data later on.

Other entries are not annotated, so you can practice taking them through the three analytical steps of annotating, tabulating, and refining on your own. Read more about demo data sets here.

One thing we couldn't fit in under the original grant was tutorials to walk you step by step through the entire process. All the information is in the help file you access by clicking Help | Wordcorr Help on Wordcorr's main menu. But it's organized for reference, not learning. If you're into training and you come up with a training sequence for any part of Wordcorr, send a message about it to us. Maybe we can end up with some of it on this Web site, with your help.

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