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Enter data. On the Data panel, you set up parallel word lists one entry at a time. You choose the entry by clicking its gloss in the list on the left of the panel, or by using the Previous, Next, or Find Gloss buttons.

Word list data for one entry

The Add Datum button brings up a dialog box in which you choose the speech variety that you want to add a datum for. Then you type it in.

IPA. The entire International Phonetic Alphabet (together with a few dozen other symbols comparative linguists use) is at your fingertips. For special phonetic symbols, pick the a-z symbol the most like the symbol you want and type it. (For the picture above, you would type "v" as the third symbol in the BLw line.) Then hold down the control key Ctrl and press space -- little finger and index finger, no need to take your hands from the keyboard.

International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) input

A box with phonetic symbols that are sort of v-like but aren't "v" appears. Type or click "2" to choose the second one, and it replaces the "v" you typed. There are also key characters outside the a-z range:

  • Glottal stop and similar characters: type "?" and Control-space

  • Symbols for clicks: type "!" and Control-space

  • Modifier characters: type "^" (Shift-6) and Control-space for some, ":" (colon) and Control-space for others

  • Prosodic modifier characters: type ":" (colon) and Control-space

  • Diacritics that go under, above or through the sign proper

    • , (comma) with Control-space for a list of diacritics that mainly go under the base character.

    • ~ (tilde) with Control-space for a list of diacritics that go above the base character.

    • - (hyphen) with Control-space for a list of diacritics that mainly go through the base character.

Or, as a reminder on a single line:

? glottal; ! click; ^  or : modifier; , or ~ or - diacritic; then CtrlSp

Edit data. Once you have data on the Data panel, you can double click on any of them to correct it. When editing, use

  • Ctrl-x to delete symbols you have selected,

  • Ctrl-c to copy symbols you have selected, and

  • Ctrl-v to paste symbols you have copied at the cursor position. This applies both to symbols you have deleted with Ctrl-x and to symbols you have copied with Ctrl-c.

The Edit Datum button gives you an alternate place to make corrections. You make them in the same way you would make them directly on the panel.

Edit Datum also lets you fill in information about semantic shift, as when the word that is listed as meaning "five" for that entry turns out to actually mean "hand" in one or two of the entries. And you can add any remarks in Edit Datum that you might want to refer to later.

Import data. Data can come to you from other computers. Click here to learn how.

As soon as you have some data entered, you can annotate them.

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