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Before you can tabulate, you must have at least one entry annotated.

Tabulate. In annotating, you express your judgments about what forms in an entry could be considered as having come from the same protoform, by tagging them as members of a group of potential cognates. You also specify how the segments in the forms of each group should be lined up for comparison, by inserting Indel and Ignore symbols as needed.

Tabulate displays the groups of potential cognates set up on that basis, one at a time. It slices the group by segment positions to yield correspondence sets. For each correspondence set, you express two more judgments:

  • What protosegment in the earlier language might this correspondence set represent, at least tentatively?
  • What is your best guess about the phonological environment in which it might have occurred in the protolanguage?

Tabulate Correspondence Sets for one Group

On the basis of those judgments, Wordcorr selects the most likely place to insert each correspondence set into the results structure. It's not always the best place; that is for you to decide when you get to the next stage, refinement of the results. Go there after you have tabulated all the groups in the entry you're working on.

INDEL is a term coined by David Sankoff and Joseph Kruskal for a segment that was either INserted into or DELeted from a string of segments. In comparing forms like bua and buwa, did the w just appear in an earlier form bua, or did w drop out of an earlier buwa? Until we get enough other patterns to estabish the direction of change, we're guessing. So "/", the Indel symbol, means "insertion or deletion, we still don't know which."

IGNORE is symbolized by "." It is used to represent missing or irrelevant data.

Both concepts are explained more fully in Wordcorr Help.

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