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View metadata are not passed to OLAC, but are nevertheless important when
  • a team of scholars is working on a single collection of common data, or
  • a group of students is working on the same assigned collection.

View metadata are always tied to a particular state of a particular collection by:

  • ID of the owner
  • Title of the collection
  • Time stamp of last time the collection was modified.

Every set of view metadata also contains

  • ID of the analyst, who may or may not be the owner
  • Name of the view
  • [Time stamp of the last time the view was modified - not yet]
  • Threshold of the view, in per cent
  • Remarks on the view as a whole
  • For each variety in the view, the short name and order number
  • All the analyst's annotations for that view
  • All the results of tabulation for that view
  • All the groups tabulated for that view

Since all this information is already present within Wordcorr, it can all be put together automatically. The menu item File | Export View XML is intended to do this; but is not ready for general use - it includes all the data and all the views, but Wordcorr puts it in the wrong place where you have to do a search to find it. Furthermore, we don't yet have a good way of merging information about a view in with the collection that it is a view of.

So for now, whether as a team or as a class, just export what you have using File | Export XML and pass it around. And if you know an XML expert who would like to take part in an interesting project, we'd like to talk.

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