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You might want to print this page and the installation page before you go on, so you have the instructions for downloading in front of you.

Warning: If you already have Wordcorr, export your data collections to back them up before you upgrade the program. For any data collections you've been working on in an earlier version, select each one and click File | Export XML. Save each file as a backup in the folder that you set aside for Wordcorr data.

To download Wordcorr, we take you (on the installation page) to the Wordcorr section of a working Web site called SourceForge.net. It holds the technical information for over 10,000 Open Source projects including ours. You will land on Wordcorr's "Summary" page. Scroll down toward the bottom.

The file you download will be either the first or the second one on the wordcorr section of the list of "packages," which are sets of related files. To see the second file, click on "View ALL Project Files" under "Latest File Releases."

  • The first file has "upgrade" in the file name. It is for people who have already installed some version of Wordcorr. They already have Java Runtime Environment, the other enabling software that Wordcorr uses, installed in a part of the hard disk where the new release of Wordcorr knows where to find it.
  • The second file has "install" in the file name and "w/ VM" in the file title, and is larger than the upgrade file. The VM stands for "virtual machine," a copy of the Java Runtime Environment, without which Wordcorr won't work. All versions of Wordcorr rely on its being in a known location, because they use standard modules in it to perform some of their tasks.1

Release Notes. To the left of each file in the list is a book-shaped icon. Clicking on it brings up the Release Notes for that file. Please click on the notes and read them before you download the file.

One of the first things Release Notes tells you is whether you need to search for a folder called ".wordcorr" (that's DOTwordcorr) and delete the four files in that folder. Occasionally upgrades to Wordcorr involve minor changes in  Wordcorr's internal database, and in that case, the information stored in .wordcorr needs to be removed so that the new version can put the new structure there.

And if the Release Note says you have to erase the contents of the .wordcorr folder, then after you install the new download you'll have to reimport the backups you made (see the "Warning" paragraph at the top of the page). Use File | Import XML to bring each one back into the system.

If the Release Note says you don't need to erase the contents of the .wordcorr folder, then you don't need to reimport the backup files either. But you need the backups anyway, and should send a copy of them to a safe place by email.

Now for the actual downloading and installation (click).

1You may have the JRE already installed somewhere on your computer, but Wordcorr won't know where it is. Given the information capacity of computers in 2006, having two copies aboard probably won't stress out your system.

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