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We'll assume you're already connected to the Internet because you're reading this, which is also on the Internet. When you connect to SourceForge (at the bottom of this page), you'll click on "Download" next to get either the upgrade or the install version.

SourceForge takes you to a worldwide scatter of download sites, any of which gives you Wordcorr. Pick any of the ones nearest you. Direct the loader to open the file rather than to save it, wait for it to download, and go through the installation routine, which is very much like all the other downloads you've done.

Teachers may want to download and save the Wordcorr install version so they can put it on a CD-ROM for their students to install. On the other hand, many students these days have better access to the Internet and are better versed in downloading that way than their teachers.

Now for the actual downloading and installation. Click here and you'll connect to SourceForge.

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